Awesome recommendation from Miami :)

13 Jun

Jake (The raddests Creative ever!) recommended me today on for the work we did for him on the BabyBrowning Animated series.


What a great guy! Thanks Jake 😉


Jake Wheeler, CFA (Associate Creative Director at SapientNitro)
“I’ve worked with Michael on several projects, most notably one for Comedy Central / Atom Films. He designed and animated characters for an original series I had created, and he is much more a creative partner than just an animator.

Michael has an amazing concept of the entire scope of a project and has a vision for it beyond the short term. He is smarter and more willing to invest himself personally in his projects than any animator I’ve worked with. Additionally, he will go to any length to make sure you are satisfied with the creative output of a project.

Working at a distance and time zone shift in South Africa while I was US based was never a problem. He expertly manages projects with a commensurate dedication and a proactive mindset.

He is a top choice for creative projects, especially animation and design, he stays at the edge of his craft in a technical sense as well as creatively, and I really hope to partner up with him again on a project soon.

– Jake Wheeler”


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