The Weird World of Nox and Harper (PILOT)

9 Jan


Join Nox, the cheerful tortoise-fox, Harper, the manic deer-squirrel and all the other delightful
mix-ups of Dr Mixum’s Zoo, as they go on the craziest adventures this side of the hippo-pig enclosure.


How long is an ostrich-giraffe’s neck? Are wolf-sheep vegetarian? Why did the chicken-gorilla
cross the road? If your answer to all of these questions is SAY WHAAAT!? It’s obviously your first visit to The Weird World of Nox ‘n Harper.

Join Nox, a cheery tortoise-fox, and Harper, a neurotic Deer-squirrel as they take you
into Dr Mixum’s Zoo – a place where anything is possible, adventure lurks in every cage and feeding the croco-sharks is strictly forbidden.

From yodeling elephant-goats to a moose-owl psychologist, walking the plank to Wild West showdowns, there’s enough crazy adventure to keep you coming back again and again.


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