My Working History

I have worked with companies across the globe, from Paris to New-York and Israel to South Africa. Below is a brief history about myself and a few logos of companies I’ve worked with or done work for in the past:


I have my BA Degree in Communications Management specializing in Creative Brand Communication from Vega School of Brand Communications and my National 2D Animation Qualification. I’ve been working in the industry for years now and own my own Company called toon53productions cc.


My company’s website:


40 + companies my work has been created for / with in the past:


MNET – 2 mobile animation mini series.

SABC – 30 minutes of animated content and trained up 7 staff in animation and ToonBoom for 10 months.

HISTORY Channel website – A collaboration project about the history of trains for

SouthPaw Productions (New York) – 3 three minute episodes of “Baby Browning” Won on and went PRO. Then a years Contract was signed by ATOM and ComedyCentral air episode1 on 1 June 2010.

Network BBDO – ARV’s animated educational content which played in the AID’s Words around JHB.

TheDeliArtistsUnited – I did the deep etching for the ad and the animation of the title build at the end, David and Frank did the rest.

absa | “closing”

campaign: Baba Mkiza

The Jupiter Drawing Room

the deli artists united
Frank Weber and Dave Hillier

–   Deep etched and sourced image material for a BIO Plus ad.

I was working at TheDeliArtistsUnited I sourced imagery and did the deep etching for the ad.

Director: David Hillier.

–   Deep etched, sourced image material and animated  for the “Car Guard” Corsa Light Raj ad. I was also a featured character in the ad.

–  Created “Heroes” web banners for the SA release of the show.

–  Wedding Video.

–  Virgin Atlantic web banners for a new campaign.

–  Pepsi Logo Build for the LCD screens at the BlackEyedPeas Concert.

I worked on this when I was working at TheDeliArtistsUnited

I was part of the team that designed and animated this animated piece that played on the in-house LCD screens when the BlackEyedPeas played in South Africa.

Director David Hillier.

–  The Deli’s website.

–   Nedbank opening, closing and stings.

–   Metro FM closing title sequence.

–   Meltz Web Interactive Flash clothing range.

–    Loerie Award Host Videos (Raj Brothers). 10 interviews + 1 music video which won a

Silver Loerie the following year. I storyboarded and animated most of the music video

–   Standard Bank spot “Blue Wave”.

I created the flowers and clouds used in the ad and I animated the title build at the end. Everything else was skillfully created by Frank Weber.

(internal, television)

standard bank

the deli artists united
Frank Weber

The Cavalier – Music Video first ToonBoom music video created for an SA band.

Sutra – 6 pole ads for 29 July 2006 event at Sutra Wild Waters.

Renegade – Product Packaging.

PaperCut Studios

toon53productions cc



I was hired to create a short animation showing one of Iomega’s products. Very corporate.

Filta Matix

Codec Cat


Gallo Records


Comedy Central

Shaw Internet

Dean Guitars


MediaSquared   – Four A4 ads for CoreTalk

–  A character design pitch for “Frankie Bananas”

–   Character development for the Golf Estate “Hayes Matkovich and Associates”.



Regela Africa Records

North East Publishing

Reacts Advertising

New Vision Media     –     8 Stix web banners

–     Company business Cards

–    E-mailer ad for Conexion

–    Cappellos website

–    CH development of a mobile comic series

–    Nedbanks site Look and Feel.

–    NV’s website

–    Security Forte “Coming Soon” web page

–    South Winston “Coming Soon” web page

–   An animated mobile pilot pitch about a trailer park family for a company in the UK

Ministry of Illusion

VZ Consulting

Portal to Learning

Razzle Dazzle

PBS Engineering – Website and 4 print ads.

FourFront Engineering – Website and business cards

Human Resources – an ad that was printed in The Star.

M’nA – Business Cards


Tenant McKay

Client: Shaw Cablesystems Ltd.
Client producer: John Lawson
Agency: BBDO Toronto
Associate Creative Director: Todd Cornelius
Associate Creative Director: Jamie Markovitch
Account Director: Olivia Mendez
International Production Company: The Ebeling Group
Local Production Company: Tennant Mckay
Director: Hilton Tennant
Design: Tennant Mckay
Character Development: Denise Robertson
Character Treatment: Tennant Mckay
Character Line Animation: Denise Robertson
Character Flash Animation: Michael Robertson
2D & 3D Animation: Tennant Mckay
Compositing: Tennant Mckay
Music & Final Mix: Six Degrees

LISOF – Posters

(and other private clients)


Main achievements over the years:




–  I worked on the animated short at the end of the “Straight Outta Benoni” feature film as the inbetweener, clean-up artist, keyframer, flat colourist, and was one of the character designers.

–  Created an animated interview for the bonus content of the “Straight Outta Benoni” DVD.

–  I was commissioned by ManMadeMedia to create four in-house countdown clocks.  (animated 20 second countdowns)




– I received a Loerie Award for my first animation ever made in Macromedia Flash titled “The Ex”.

– I was the only other artist to help David Hillier animate the Raj Corsa Light ads.




– I was hired by Network BBDO to produce an in-house animated show to explain ARV drugs at AIDS centers around JHB.

– I was featured in SL magazine’s “Create It” competition for Movie Makers and animators.  My five short films were published in the August 2006 issue.

Not the issue I was published in, just a sample of SL.



I was hired by TheDeliArtistsUnited to help on the ABSA Opening and Closing ads by deep etching for the ads and the animation of the title build at the ends, David and Frank did the rest.

– I was hired by NewVision to produce a pilot episode for a mobile series called “Rednecks”, which was pitched to a company in the UK.

– I was hired by TheDeliArtistsUnited to help produce the BIOplus ad with the animated gerbil. I sourced imagery and did the deep Etching for the ad.

– I was hired by TheDeliArtistsUnited to help animate all the Raj interviews of the judges at the 2007 Loerie Awards as the Raj Brothers hosted that years event.

– I was a guest speaker on SABC’s live talk show “Shift” discussing 2D animation. My work was also aired on the show.

– I was approached by Paul D’Acri the co-creator and executive producer of the MTV show “The Adventures of Chico and Guapo” as one of the options for a new animated show.  Paul and his partner, who was a writer and executive producer of a  number of shows which included “In Living Colour”, “The Drew Carey Show”,

“The PJs”

and “Wanda at Large”, were looking for an animator for their project and thought that my “sensibility and visual style might be right. . .”.  The project later fell away.




– The Raj Thriller music video received a Loerie Award in 2008 at Margate and was aired at the event. I storyboarded the video and was also a part of the team that animated the music video.

– I was commissioned to create an interactive Flash animation for Momentum which was created to help train their staff.

MeRobot Educational Game of in-house staff at Momentum.

– I’ve won five different Daily awards for different short films on

– In MNET’s 2008 EDIT competition I was the only person to have work in more than one category that was in the top three in more than one section through the duration of the event the “Animation” and “Mobile” sections.

– MNET used footage from both series to advertise the EDIT competition on DSTV.

– MNET bought the rights to two animated mobile series. “Tasteless Candy” and “Brain Farts” six episodes each.

– An article on ToonBoom’s website spoke about how I was the Lead Trainer and Animation Director on a SABC animation project that was run by Portal to Learning, SA’s first 2D animation learner-ship. Some of these learners hadn’t ever switch on a computer before.

(ToonBoom’s  “News” page “Fall 2008” article).

– My work has also been published in the annual magazine “Postbox”.

– Southpaw Productions in New York commissioned me to animate three episodes for an animated series “Baby Browning”.  Which can be viewed here:

– May 2008 I registered toon53productions cc.

–  I developed toon53productions’s corporate identity ( Business Cards, Letter Head, Emailers etc )

– I’ve created numerous websites over the years for example:




– I was a guest speaker at the Coca-Cola Dome at the Media-Tech 2009 Convention where I spoke about toon53productions cc and the Toon Boom software.

– On the 5th of August 2009 toon53productions had it’s first Music Video which was produced for The Cavalier aired on DSTV’s MK channel and is still currently playing. It put the band at number one on the MK charts for three week in a row. MTV also air the music video on MTV Alt along with 20 other channels internationally.

– ToonBoom the Emmy award winning animation software used to create the

“Sponge  Bob” and “The Simpsons” movies feature me as one of their “USER  STORIES”


–   “Joe Bubble” OneSmallSeed’s online magazine featured me in their second issue on pages 30 through 36. I am also one of their front cover features.  Look for issue “001” on

– BabyBrowning Episode 1 went PRO on (MTV’s online community) and contracts have been signed allowing ComedyCentral to air BB ep1 for a year through 2010. Episode one first aired on the 1 June 2010. (

– The Cavaliers music video is in the MK 2010 music video awards in the Animation category going against great bands like The Parlotones.

– Tenant McKay hired me to animate 5 online ads and help animate a TV ad for Shaw internet in Canada.

– hired me to help animation an online ad for the History channels website where I animated four different watches for the ad.

– Tiki Solution hired me to create a website for a new online venture they are starting.

–  I took toon53productions cc to Ottawa International Animation Festival in Canada – North America’s Largest Animation Event.  Which helped spread the company’s brand and allowed some of the biggest names in the industry to see my show pitch’s which got good feed back in general but only if the shows were completed.




–  toon53productions cc was asked to work on a Madam and Eve pilot in January. PaperCut Studios was also asked to work on parts of the production.

–  In February 2010 I put toon53productions on hold and joined PaperCut Studios as their Studio Director / Animation Director and Head of Marketing.

–  Enperanca animatic with PaperCut Studios

–  I created and edited PaperCut Studios Showreel.

–  I was one of the trainers who set up the training material and ran the morning classes for the training program that PaperCut Studios ran in February to train staff up in animation and the ToonBoom software.

–  In March I helped animate the 15’ Lotto Madam and Eve advert.

–  I bought 25% of PaperCut Studios.

–  I brought the Purr Factory project into PaperCut Studios (Children’s Book) .

–  I created PaperCut Studios first few website versions.

–  I developed PaperCuts corporate identity ( Business Cards, Letter Head, Emailers etc )

–  I brought in a Canadian TV advertising job into PaperCut Studios which aired in Canada and was for SHAW INTERNET.  PaperCut Studios created the storyboards and then TNT produced the advert in 3D.

–  I rebuilt, designed and branded PaperCuts website a few months later.

–  I was the Animation Inspector of the short film “Colourful Tail” which was developed and created in-house at PaperCut Studios.

–  I funded the  trip for myself and two other PaperCut Studios Directors to travel to Portugal, Paris and Cannes where I set up meetings with very big names like Marvel, Nelvana, Teletoon, Carpe Diam, ToonBoom, Bang Bang Animations, Gaumont Alphanim, Skywriters and many more.

–  We signed a deal with Alphanim ( Europe’s biggest animation studios who have created such shows as “ROBOT BOY”

, “RIPLEY’S BELIEVE IT OR NOT”, “MONA THE VAMPIRE”, “GALACTIC FOOT BALL” and many more huge names ) for 13 of the 52 episodes on “The Green Squad”.

–  I was the Animation Director and one of the Lead Animators and Animation Checkers of episodes 20, 30, 33 and 34 of season 1 of the 52 episodes for “The Green Squad” series. Here is a link to the intro done by the French studio:

–  Over 2010 at PaperCut Studios I’ve handled the admin, banking, staff hiring and retrenchment, staff payment, company registration and most everything needed to run a studio of 30+ staff ( which I also helped source, train and interview ).

–  I helped PaperCut Studios feature in “The Call Sheet”.

–  My work was some of the work used when PaperCut Studios was featured in the online magazine “Audrey 2” ( May edition ).

–  O Seculo ( a Portuguese News paper ) have published articles about our success at the studio and have recently done a follow up article about how PaperCut Studios has grown from 4 people to 34 in less than half a year.




– I went back to working full-time at toon53productions cc and carried on producing my IP

“The Weird World of Nox and Harper”.

– LISOF in FourWays hired me to create and design the Schools posters for the new students and their open days.

– Shana – the owner of LISOF – hired me the create a fourteen minute video for her sons Bar Mitzvah.

– I have again been published in the annual PostBox publication.

– To be continued till the day I die 🙂



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