Multiplatinum-Selling Rock Band’s New Music Video.

1 Mar

The Parlotones are a multiplatinum-selling rock band, based in Los Angeles, California (as of September 2012). They are known for experimenting with sounds and various structures in their songs, incorporating the typical doo-wop or traditional folk structures. They have just released their latest animated music video that we here at Toon53 Productions have created.

This slapstick music video takes place in a Sci-fi world of magic and mystery where society is portrayed as these weird and wonderful creatures. While the city celebrates The Parlotones, they are suddenly hit with an evil soul sucking ray that is used to power an army of evil robots. In regular Parlotones fashion they are there to save the day and help their fans.

Toon53 Productions 2014 Showreel

21 Jan

Since Toon53 Productions opened in 2008 we have added an impressive amount of brands to our roster:

Nissan, MTV, Comedy Central, The History Channel, Comair, DSTV, Maxim, SABC, The Parlotones, Momentum, Lancet Laboratories, Goldfish, NAG and more.

Please sit back and enjoy our just over one minute reel.

GoldFish – Three Second Memory

21 Jan

Goldfish – Three Second Memory [Official Music Video]
Toon53 Productions were asked to help out on just over 40 seconds of character animation for Goldfish’s latest music video.

For the Single and Pre-order of the album “Three second memory” in selected territories:

(USA 11 October, Full Album 15 October)


Three second memory by Goldfish

Director/Animator: Matt Torode
Producers: Mike Scott, David Poole, Dominic Peters

Gertan Agenbach
Michael Robertson
Kenneth Doust
Nick Welch
Samantha Hillerbrand
Christopher Thwaites
James Gaydon
Lehlohonolo Ngwenya (Boss)
Lutfia Kamish
Daniel Morison

Written by Alexis Blackmore, Robert Miller, Richard Evans, Marlena Shaw, David Poole and Dominic Peters Male vocals: Sakhile Moleshe Female vocals: Marlena Shaw Produced, Performed and Recorded by David Poole and Dominic Peters.

DiscoveryKidsAsia TV Ad for TheGreenSquad

29 Mar

I miss the team of 42 we all worked with together on a bunch of TheGreenSquad episodes that are now doing extremely well globally:

It’s great to see that all our hard work on the 13 Episodes of the 52 episode series that Gaumont-Alphanim created is paying off.



The Weird World of Nox and Harper (PILOT)

9 Jan


Join Nox, the cheerful tortoise-fox, Harper, the manic deer-squirrel and all the other delightful
mix-ups of Dr Mixum’s Zoo, as they go on the craziest adventures this side of the hippo-pig enclosure.


How long is an ostrich-giraffe’s neck? Are wolf-sheep vegetarian? Why did the chicken-gorilla
cross the road? If your answer to all of these questions is SAY WHAAAT!? It’s obviously your first visit to The Weird World of Nox ‘n Harper.

Join Nox, a cheery tortoise-fox, and Harper, a neurotic Deer-squirrel as they take you
into Dr Mixum’s Zoo – a place where anything is possible, adventure lurks in every cage and feeding the croco-sharks is strictly forbidden.

From yodeling elephant-goats to a moose-owl psychologist, walking the plank to Wild West showdowns, there’s enough crazy adventure to keep you coming back again and again.

Nissan Juke Music Fest Animation (2012)

16 Jul has just hired us here at Toon53productions cc to help them create a 35 second animated ad for the Nissan Juke Music Festival happening in JBay South Africa.

We were approached to created an animated version of the Nissan Juke radio ad that is currently running on 5FM. StraightTwisted worked closely with us and briefed us saying that they were looking for two pigeon characters that start beat boxing as the Juke drives past.

We had full creative freedom on the character designs and animation style from storyboards to final, the ad had to be finished in a week. So with a team of four very talented creatives and no sleep we produced an ad that we all had great fun with.


Books are on their way :)

13 May

The hard cover bibles for my IP “The Weird World of Nox and Harper” will be ready by the end of the month. Then it’s time for show and tell to the international animation industry.

A huge thanks to the staff of twenty two very talented individuals and the companies involved who are spread across South Africa for putting award winning talents together to create an amazing production.




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