24 Mar


The Parlotones Music Video – Defy Gravity

This is the story of a girl called Jill who lives in a world where everyone’s always busy on their phones. She gets hit by a car and her ghost flies off to a magical candy world where she joins the band and learns to break the shackles of conventional thinking. She even plays a poker game against Dali, Beethoven and Darwin!



24 Mar

Here is The Parlotones latest animated music video produced by Toon53 Productions cc.

With an unlikely heroine thrown in the mix the prince may finally be rid of the evil Queen!


24 Mar


TBP uses the simplicity of visual text and the power of music to pull on the emotional stings of their viewers in this captivating ad.

This is a TouchBasePro Brand Ad that Toon53 Productions was commissioned to produce.


24 Mar


Toon53 Productions was hired to animate this Nedbank ad for a local agency.

We were supplied the illustration style and audio.

Raids of Glory – Official HD Gameplay Trailer

24 Mar

Raids of Glory [Online Commercial]

Out on iOS!

Build, raid and conquer! Raids of Glory is an epic action strategy game where you build your own Stronghold, raise a terrifying gang of fearless buccaneers and wreak havoc with your friends! You have direct control of your pirate armies and their Leader as you order them to destroy rival bases and take your place as the most glorious gang in the land.

© 2014 Nitro Games Ltd. Raids of Glory is a trademark of Nitro Games Ltd. All rights reserved.


Multiplatinum-Selling Rock Band’s New Music Video.

1 Mar

The Parlotones are a multiplatinum-selling rock band, based in Los Angeles, California (as of September 2012). They are known for experimenting with sounds and various structures in their songs, incorporating the typical doo-wop or traditional folk structures. They have just released their latest animated music video that we here at Toon53 Productions have created.

This slapstick music video takes place in a Sci-fi world of magic and mystery where society is portrayed as these weird and wonderful creatures. While the city celebrates The Parlotones, they are suddenly hit with an evil soul sucking ray that is used to power an army of evil robots. In regular Parlotones fashion they are there to save the day and help their fans.

Toon53 Productions 2014 Showreel

21 Jan

Since Toon53 Productions opened in 2008 we have added an impressive amount of brands to our roster:

Nissan, MTV, Comedy Central, The History Channel, Comair, DSTV, Maxim, SABC, The Parlotones, Momentum, Lancet Laboratories, Goldfish, NAG and more.

Please sit back and enjoy our just over one minute reel.


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